Roxenda 356R Speed Cube 356 R 3×3 Stickerless 356 R 3x3x3 V3 System Speedcube





Multi-colored, White



  • ◆STABILITY – Gan 356R Cube is a 3×3 regular shape mod with a simple yet elegant design. GES v3 precise elasticity design with the IPG V5 axis make sure high verticality, accuracy, stability. Reducing popping happen and making it more controllable.
  • ◆STRONGER – It’s the upgraded version of gan356S. Seamless contact-surface with screw and snap joints make it stronger and unbreakable, no worries of falling apart. Reliable, non-toxic and lightweight, harmless to human and environment.
  • ◆DEVELOPMENT – Cubes restoration is an important activity to increase the intelligence of the kids, to release the working pressure of the adults, to help prevent a decline in memory of the elderly. Having fun whether you’re trying to stretch brain capacity or spending leisure time.
  • ◆PROFESSION – Gan 356 R speed cube have standard size of 2.2×2.2×2.2in. Firm classical circle-square corner feet and triple edge feet brings best performance with toughest angles. Definitely a new experience to improve personal record in competitions.
  • ◆MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Roxenda will always provide the superior product and excellent pre and after service. Anything else and we’ll process a 100% full refund for you, or do whatever else it takes to keep you happy.
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The Gan 356 R aims to achieve a lighter, faster and stronger speed cube.Many subtle but important design changes have also been made in the Gans 356 r, which allow it to be even more stable and lightweight than any of its predecessors.

The upgraded version of IPG V5 — We produce the cores by injection of up-graded strength plastic ABS, and use wolfram steel to produce core stick. As the result from lab, the IPG V5 with 3 precise GES nuts is over 50% stronger than IPG V3. High vertical, higher accuracy, bringing stability to the cube.

Visible and quantifiable tuning design, making DIY much more easy for speed cube beginners.

Best Performance
Honeycomb texture on the contact surface. More endurable lubrication.
Stickerless, same color inside and six-color outside, designed for inspection.
Excellent anti-pop and anti-corner twist capability.

Size: 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 in
Material: ABS High Strength PC
Weight: About 2.48 oz
Corner-Cutting: Positive 55° Reverse 30°

Package Included
1 x Gan 356 R 3×3 Speed Cube
1 x Adjusting Tool
1 x Blue Bag
1 x Roxenda Triangle Stand
1 x Solution Guide


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