Moyu Aolong V2 Speed Cube 3×3 Enhanced Edition Smooth Magic Cube Black (Dark)





Black, Multi-colored



  • ► Roxenda Yj Moyu Aolong speed 3×3 cube
  • ► Aolong 3×3 cube is the first product of “MOYU” Great corner cut, adjustable voltage. Hard pop, good control of the cube. excellent stability
  • ► Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, this speed stickerless never needs .No-toxic and environmentally stickers safe for humans and the environment
  • ► The 3×3 cube can foster a sense of space to your child and enhance the memory of a child. Suitable for beginners and professional player. Great idea for your loved classic toy
  • ► Ultimate Gift for Kids- Nobody falls out of love with the 3×3 cube. They are always great for kids and adults, you can take them anywhere. Need something for your kids to do in the car or plane? Add to your cart now!
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Roxenda Aolong is the best all around speedcube market.

What makes it so special is the unbeatable combination of speed, stability, and the corner cutting it offers.
Incredible angle cut, rapid rotation and excellent stability, bring you to a new level by speedcubing.
The feeling of the cube is light and smooth. Instead of his swishy the cubes light sand make it produces more of a “slip sliding” his turning.

It is unique mechanism, and the designer has found a perfect balance of speed and control in this design.
Even more impressive is the cube is perfectly set off the cam box lubricated cube spring and eliminate noise. Tensions were perfect, and the cube holds his feeling remarkably well, even after breaking into.
The puzzle is also remarkably stable, holding a cubic shape very well even for a clumsy turner.

Black color
Size: 57x57x57 mm
Weight: 110g

Package Included
1x Roxenda Yj Moyu Aolong 3×3 Speed Cube
1x Roxenda Cube Stand


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