MEGIBOM PV2 Unisex Multi Function Tension Rope Pedal Resistance Band Purple




  • Break Protection: Nylon sleeve covered on the rubber elastic rope, it can protect people from injured
  • Tension ropes are locked by high-hardness plastic to prevent the tension rope break from the connection during workout
  • Multi free combinations, such as Elastic Sit up Pull Rope, Arm Expender,etc. Supports the most training of exercise band
  • Exercise anytime and anywhere. The strength optional suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts, whether it is used to lose weight or shape a good figure
  • Sweat absorbing and non slip foam keeps you comfortable and stable. Natural rubber rope, not easily broken. tension rope to be extended to more than 1 times
  • Upgraded Model 4 Tubes Tension Rope – Highly environmentally NBR foam pedal and
    natural rubber tube are harmless to the human body. The added nylon sleeve protects the user very well.
    Even if the elastic cord breaks suddenly during use, the broken elastic cord will be confined in the nylon sleeve to prevent injury.

    KingFit the improved adjustable resistance rope design realizes that users can choose
    different tensile strengths according to their needs: 25LB /50LB /75 LB /100LB Max.

    And the resistance rope and other parts can be matched with different combinations to complete more exercise actions,
    so that the arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, thighs, calves, buttocks can be effectively exercised.

    【Each Tension Rope Natural Length】: 13.78 in / 35 cm

    【Each Tension Rope Max Extension Length】: 27.56 in / 70 cm

    Elastic Rope * 4
    Two-Hands Handle * 1
    One-Hand Handle * 2
    Pedal * 1
    Door Anchor * 1
    Headband * 1

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Date first available on Nov. 01, 2020


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